Beauty Rules to Break or Follow

Rules are meant to be broken.

Makeup is an art and we experiment and learn new things every day. There are no specific techniques to do a particular thing in a particular way. However, let’s talk about a few myths and see how we can break through those to get an exciting result

#MYTH-1– Dramatic eyes and bold lips do not go with each other

There is a misconception that you should not wear smoky eyes and bold lips together. But trust me this is a super sophisticated look carried by many famous celebrities and is an all-time favorite with a few. All you need to take care of is to carry this look gracefully and with a proper hairstyle that suits your personality and occasion.

#MYTH-2– The shade of your upper lip and lower lip should be the same

Are you confused?

I am not joking you can create a lot of fun if you experiment with dual shade lipstick on your lips. Just try once but pair colors that are from the same family. Like red and orange, red and pink. Don’t try to be more experimental with this.

#MYTH-3– you should conceal every spot and pimple.

Makeup is not about hiding all your marks with layers of foundations and concealers.

Its about enhancing the beauty of your face. You don’t need to hide everything. Its absolutely fine if your blemishes are seen sometimes. Give them time to heal and allow them to breathe.

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