Quick Makeup Hacks For You

Dewy Look

No-makeup look is a trending makeup look. To get that dewy complexion you just need to follow a simple makeup hack. You just need to combine your full coverage foundation with an oil or moisturizer and apply it on your face with the help of a blender. Without any effort, you’ve got the no-makeup dewy look.

Dark Circles

The perfect way to hide those irritating dark circles is to draw a triangle with a good concealer at least two shades lighter than your skin complexion. Apply the concealer under your lash line and the under-eye area right above your cheek. This will hide redness, puffiness and the unwanted dark area under the eye.

Blushing Blushing

Blush is always applied after putting the foundation. But its not always the right way. To make it more natural and glowing from within put on some blush on your cheek’s apple and then follow it with your foundation and see how you get a perfect rosy blush.

Smokey Eyes

Creating a smoky eye is not easy for beginners. You first need to draw a slanted hashtag with your favorite black or brown kajal pencil on the corner of your eyelid. Blend it well. Apply your favorite eye-liner and smudge it. Try it once.

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