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Makeup is a form of expression …its passion …its art !!
Angel Talwar is a skilled makeup artist with years of experience of making her clients realize the most beautiful version of themselves.

A perfectionist by nature, Angel has devoted herself to the study of cosmetics & makeup as an art form. Her natural inclination towards perfecting all makeup styles not only made her a successful makeup artist but also an accomplished educator.

After having worked for various fashion houses , choreographers ,cosmetic lines & news channels ,she has established herself as a professional artist and trainer. You can be assured Angel’s kit is stocked with only the most high-performing equipment and products that have been researched and tested by her as a professional.

With a portfolio that spans campaigns, commercial and corporate work as well as a host of individual clients, she always approaches her clients with the aim to bring out the best in their natural features.

“When you look beautiful you feel beautiful, and it’s that kind of confidence that I try to give to my clients every day.” – Angel